Pressed metal splashbacks (often referred to as pressed tin splashbacks) are a fantastic way to add a high quality, durable, easily installed and beautiful element to your area.


We have a large range of tin panels that can be cut to the exact size you need for your pressed metal splashback. Take a look in our product range to find one that would suit your needs.

We recommend using a panel that doesn’t have a large pattern, unless you are installing the panels on a very large area. Most splashbacks that are installed are on quite small areas and the large patterns don’t look as good because they don’t repeat often enough.


Every pressed tin splashback is different which is why we offer a cutting and folding service to get the panel into the exact shape you need. We will work with you to measure your splash back area and make sure the pressed tin is cut and folded around any corners, bricks or cupboards giving it the perfect fit.


Splashbacks can get a lot of use in areas like kitchens and bathrooms. Being made of Aluminium makes the panels durable and very easy to clean. It’s important to take care of them like any other surface.


To get the most out of the splashback we recommend Powder coating your tin panels to keep them looking good, protected and make them easier to clean. We do all Powdercoating in our factory here in Brookvale and use top quality Dulux Powdercoating powder.

When powder coated, they also will not stain. When installed raw, the panels can absorb oils and other products that can leave permanent marks.

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We offer local installation in Sydney. If you are outside of Sydney we are more than happy to give you instructions on how to install the panels. Any handyman will be able to install the metal splashback panels for you without too much trouble. Whether they are cut to size or delivered in sheets the installation process is the same.


All you need to do in order to keep your pressed metal splashback looking good is clean it with a gentle soap and cloth as you would any other kitchen or bathroom surface.

Don’t use anything coarse because you will scratch the metal and it will be very visible!

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