Pressed metal ceilings are an amazing way to change the look and feel of any room easily.

All of the panels we offer have the ability to be joined together to create a continuous pattern which is perfect for large areas like ceilings and walls. We also have a large range of cornices too which are the perfect finishing touch on a pressed metal ceiling.

Our pressed metal panels are used regularly for ceilings as they are easy to apply and look fantastic.

We can powder coat them for you, any colour you like. This protects them and gives them longevity.

We do the cutting and folding in our factory in Brookvale. We can cut the pressed metal ceiling sheets to the exact size you want, including cutting around light fixtures with no problem.

If you are in Sydney we can also offer to installation. If you are from outside of Sydney or even in another state we are more than happy to ship your ceiling panels to you and you can install them yourself or use a handyman to do the job for you as they are very easy to install.

ceiling panels

Here are a few tips to help you with your pressed metal ceiling purchase:

  • When measuring, measure looking up at the roof, not from a “top down” view
  • When choosing a colour to powder coat (or paint) your panels, neutral colours help blend the panels with the rest of the room
  • Have a think if you really need the cornices. Sometimes they look great without them if you do it right!
  • Take your time on the pattern choosing, as it is going to be covering a very large area. You need to make sure it is going to suit the room. Browse through our gallery and see if you can find a completed pressed tin ceiling you like the look of.

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