If your answers are not met on this page feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call as we are more than happy to help.

I'd like to get a quote but I don't know what I need to do to get one?

Simply measure your area and give us a call. We can help with the rest.

I dont live near you! Can you deliver?

Sure thing! We deliver Australia wide. The only thing we don’t deliver are panels that require folding and custom cutting because they can’t transport easily and we can’t measure the areas so it may be wrong. We are happy to deliver as many flat powder coated (or raw) panels anywhere in Australia. Just give us a call for a quote.

What are the panels made from, will they rust over time?

All of our pressed tin panelsĀ® products are made from high grade Aluminium which means they don’t rust. We do highly recommend powder coating them to keep them from any weathering or environmental damage.

I want to install them myself how do I do this? Can I paint the panels?

Of course. Just let us know what type of panel you want and what colour and we are more than happy to make it for you and deliver Australia wide.

Do I HAVE to paint the panels?

Of course not! Our pressed tin panels are mill grade Aluminium and in the process of making them they can get surface scratches, so be aware of this when ordering them un painted.

Are the panels easily damaged?

Once the panel is installed on a smooth solid surface like ply or MDF they become very strong. If you require more strength then consider using galvanised panels. The product the panel is applied to is very important. Always install the pressed tin panels onto a hard smooth surface!

Are pressed tin panels okay for kitchen splash backs?

Yes! Our customers frequently use them for splash backs. We do recommend that you powder coat them if they are used for a kitchen splash back as the Aluminium will absorb oils etc.

Can I use pressed tin panels in my bathroom / shower?

You definitely can. You will need to powder coat them as the Aluminium is porous and will absorb moisture etc.

Are pressed tin panels suitable for outdoor use?

Outdoor use is perfectly fine for pressed tin panels. since they are made of mill grade Aluminium they won’t rust. We do recommend powder coating them though as the Aluminium is porous and will absorb moisture and will weather when raw.

How do I maintain the panels?

How long does the complete process take?

How do we install the panels on the ceiling?

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